科探科 English Report

科学探究科 松浦氏による講義【探プロⅡ】Lecture by Dr. Matsuura

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      Dr. Matsuura gave a lecture about the research at Phillip Yang’s laboratory on September 22nd. She had experience of doing her research at Phillip Yang’s laboratory of Stanford University as a radiologist. This surprised me a lot because I thought all a radiologist did was take pictures using MRI, CT, NM and so on. But she was concerned with medical care from various angles. I was impressed with her attitude towards medical care. I think she is always looking at her future and trying to keep her own viewpoint. I look up to her and I want to be like her. I relate with her story because it is important for me to have my own viewpoint.

 私たちは9月22日にPhillip Yang博士の研究について松浦先生(博士)から講義を受けました。松浦先生は診療放射線技師としてスタンフォード大学Phillip Yang博士の研究室で研究をしていた経験があります。放射線技師の仕事はMRIやCT、NMなどを用いて写真を撮ることだと思っていた私にとっては、松浦先生が医療に様々な視点から関わっていることがとても驚きでした。そして松浦先生の医療に対するその姿勢に感銘を受けました。松浦先生は常に自分の将来を見据えて、自分の考え方を持ち続けようとしていると思いました。松浦先生はとても尊敬できる方で彼女のようになりたいと思いました。私にとっても自分なりの見方や考え方を持つことは大切です。今回の松浦先生の
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科学探究科 つくば科学研修【CDⅡ】Tsukuba Science Trip②

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   The Tsukuba Science Trip was one of the most precious opportunities that let me know how our research can help make our daily lives better. The reason is that a lot of research I saw on this trip can keep our lives safe and convenient. For example, at the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED), researchers conduct many experiments to find ways to save many people’s lives from serious disasters like a huge earthquake, a tsunami or a flood. In other words, we can live a normal life without worrying about these disasters thanks to such research. I think it is important for us not only to enjoy our research and experiments, but also to contribute to society through them. 

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科学探究科 つくば科学研修【CDⅡ】Tsukuba Science Trip①

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     Through the Tsukuba Science Trip, my recognition of what robots has changed greatly. When I visited CYBERDYNE STUDIO, which is run by a company that develops wearable cyborg technology, I received explanations about the wearable cyborg technology named HAL. HAL detects the signals that our brain sends to the muscles when we move our body with sensors and assists our actions. So, we can operate it only by trying to move our body. I thought a robot was a machine that can think and act by itself like Pepper before I visited this facility. But now I know that a robot can include wearable cyborg technology that supports humans’ actions. Robots have many possibilities and I think a lot of things will be made into robots in the future.


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科学探究科【SEC3】English Poster Presentation ➂

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  There was an SSH research report meeting on June 11th. This is the last study group for us third graders. We gave poster sessions in English and Japanese and oral presentations in English. I made a presentation about slime(PVA), which I have been researching since my second year. By talking with various people, I was able to think about the research from a new perspective. It was fun. Also, I would like to make use of this experience in future presentations.


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科学探究科【SEC3】English Poster Presentation ➁

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On June11th, we had the poster sessions of our SSH research. I could answer the question with confidence and I enjoyed my poster session because I had practiced very hard. I found that plenty of practice leads to confidence. This was the final session for us. l want to make use of my experience and keep learning! 



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科学探究科【SEC3】English Poster Presentation ➀

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  It was the last time to do a presentation about our research. Although I was not satisfied with my poster session, it was the most interesting poster session ever. Moreover, I feel like I wanted audiences to ask me a question because I was confident with my research. I am glad that I experienced these things. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to TA’s and teachers.



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